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Dive Photo Guide – Whale Wisdom Feature

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A new conservation short film, “Whale Wisdom – a Mother Humpback’s View” has just been released by Shawn Heinrichs, an award winning independent filmmaker. The film has been produced in English and Japanese with a Spanish version coming soon. With the International Whaling Commission meetings kicking off later this month in Chile and the recent announcement by certain nations that they are resuming trade in whale meat despite a UN ban, the film seeks to reach a broader audience and encourage them to take a stand for whale conservation.

Online Article: Dive Photo Guide

Video: Whale Wisdom – A Mother Humpback’s View


Australasia – Australia Shark Fishery Petition

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Petition challenges Australia shark fishery
May 27, 2008 – At a time when the global community is finally taking notice that sharks are in desperate need of protection, Australia’s state of Queensland is preparing to take a major step backwards in the Great Barrier Reef reserve.

With shark populations already declining as commercial fishermen catch over 700 tonnes of sharks per year, the government is now planning to create a licensed shark fishery in the reserve with little or no protection offered to many endangered species of sharks. Sustaining the shark fishery seems to be of greater importance than preservation of sharks and the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

A petition has been drafted to stop the creation of a licensed shark fishery in the Great Barrier Reef. To learn more about the shark fishery and the state of sharks in the world’s ocean, visit the Shark Savers Web site.

-Shawn Heinrichs

(Photos courtesy Danielle Heinrichs.)

Australasia – Whale Wisdom Featured

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Australasia Scuba Diver features the latest conservation film by Shawn Heinrichs. “Whale Wisdom – Mother Humpback’s View” opens with a mother humpback whale resting below while her calf ascends to the surface and explores the wonders of this strange new world. She offers her calf encouragement and assurance, but also warns of dangers to come. She recalls how commercial whaling all but wiped out many whale species and how even now, over 20 years since the ban on commercial whaling, the killing continues. In her parting thoughts she worries if this year they will take her only child.

Shawn Heinrichs is a conservation filmmaker based in Longmont, Colorado, USA.  To learn more about Shawn and his work, please visit his website,

Video: Whale Wisdom – A Mother Humpback’s View