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ARTE ‘Les Nouveaux Paradis

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Blue Sphere Media underwater footage was featured in an episode of a 10-part series called ‘Les Nouveaux Paradis by Franco-German TV network ARTE. Airing this summer, one entire episode featured eco-tourism in West Papua. Half of the programme covered trekking in the highlands of Papua amongst the Dani tribes people. The other half featured Misool Eco Resort and its underwater paradise. Blue Sphere provided all the underwater footage for this segment.

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Misool Eco Resort – New Promo Video

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With Misool Eco Resort fully operational, it was time to refresh it’s promotional video. After many visits and hours or filming through the archipelago, I had amassed an impressive library of underwater footage. In addition I had the opportunity to film the resort grounds, facilities and luxurious accommodations.

The surface and underwater elements were assembled into new video which showcases the marine treasures and resort comforts of Misool Eco Resort. Hunting mobulas, swirling mantas, sharks, turtles, blue ring octopus, mantis shrimp and much, much more fill the screen for the 15 minute duration of video.